On August 12, 2016 one of the most vile disgusting movies was released to the general public and it was a beautiful masterpiece! From the people that brought you movies like This Is The End , Pineapple Express and Knocked Up just to name a few have conducted their newest movie, Sausage Party. In a world filled with children animation movie quickly taking up a strong majority of the box office , why not capitalize why the iron is hot so to speak? Sausage Party is one of the 1st fully adult animated movie for adults. Sausage Party takes place at the shiny store called Shopswell a grocery store. In a store full of food that speaks , yes food that speaks to one another in a very vulgar and obscene way . The movie starts off with Frank a sausage ( Seth Rogen) and his girlfriend Brenda Bunson a hot dog bun ( Kristen Wiig) who's packages are placed right next to one another. The two are excited as red , white and blue day is upon them ( 4th of July). All food items in Shopswell see the humans as Gods as they await to be chosen to enter the great beyond ( where the humans live ). In the same package along with Frank are his two friends Carl ( Jonah Hill ) and Barry ( Micheal Cera). Unlike everyone else in the package Barry is deformed and shorter and larger in girth than the other sausage links , so he is constantly picked on. On the day of red , white and blue day Frank and Brenda’s packages are both chosen by Camille Toh ( Lauren Miller) to go to the great beyond. As everyone in the shopping kart celebrates going to the great beyond we are yet introduced to another character a Douche (Nick Kroll) yes, you heard it correctly a Douche. All is well while they're in the kart until honey mustard ( Danny McBride) starts freaking out as he was returned to Shopswell and knows the truth about the great beyond. Frank and Brenda try console him , but he's unconsolable as he refuses to go back to the great beyond. Honey mustard then leaps out of the kart and to his death , but not before frank tries to save him. Honey mustard tells Frank to talk to Chief Firewater for the truth about the great beyond. Frank can no longer hold on to Honey Mustard as he falls and breaks. The kart then crashes into another kart which leads to Brenda , Frank, Douche and other food item to be thrown from the shopping kart. After the dust settles Frank and Brenda are not with their packages as they leave Shopswell. The Douche then begins to blame Brenda and Frank from not allowing him to go to the great beyond and also the fact his nozzle is bent. Douche is then thrown away in the trash , by the store manager cleaning up the mess in the aisle. This would become the movies main antagonist as he vows to get even with Frank and Brenda. Frank and Brenda are then introduced to Kareem Abdul ( David Krumholtz) a lavash a soft thin unleavened flat bread which is Armenia Food. Also, Sammy Bagel Jr ( Edward Norton) . They must now all find they're way back to their home aisle before the next day . In the great beyond Barry , Carl and the others that made it out of Shopswell are embracing their new lives. The great beyond quickly becomes the great hell as Camille slowly but surely starts cooking the all of her grocers. Barry and Carl are left helpless as Camille rips through the food cooking and cutting it into sherds. Barry and Carl know they have to escape or they to will be next. Carl and Barry begin to run to an open window until Carl is sliced right down the middle. Barry all alone has no choice , but to leap to safety. Back At Shopswell Frank and his friends try and find they're way back to their designated aisles. But first , Frank must get answers about the great beyond. Frank takes honey mustard advice and tracks down Firewater who resides in the alcohol aisle (Bill Hader) an old Native American bottle of tequila. Firewater and his group the non-perishables ( foods that don't expire) Mr. Grits ( Craig Robison) and Twinkie ( Scott Underwood). After telling Frank how Mr. Grits and Firewater were moved from their land by the crackers lol. They would then go on to tell Frank the great beyond isn't real and they made it up. Before they made up the tail of the great beyond it was chaos at Shopswell as the foods knew they were going to their death. Frank not believing needs more proof, so they send Frank to the dark place. Outside of Firewaters place Brenda , Kareem and Sammy Bagel get separated from Frank and are leeward to another part of Shopswell by another bottle of tequila , saying he knew were Frank is. Not knowing Brenda and friends are being lead into a trap by the Douche. Brenda and friend Unknowingly walk in to this trap , but are saved by Teresa El Taco a taco ( Selma Hayek) who warns them Douche is looking for Brenda. Outside of Shopswell Barry is learning how truly messed up the real world is. As Barry is all alone after escaping his near death experience. Barry stumbles onto a stoner who is carrying a Shopswell bag, Druggie ( James Franco) who is buying bath salt from his drug dealer . Barry thens hops on Druggies shoestrings and high tells it to Druggies house. Once at Druggies house Barry begins maneuvering around without being seen. Druggie then starts to get high off the drug bath salt a powerful hallucinogenic drug. While on bath salt Druggie actually catches Barry walking across his table. Druggie then starts tripping out as all the food product in his house began speaking to him. Barry starts talking sense into Druggie and ask him to take him back home to Shopswell. Druggie starts to comply before he passes out from his high. After Druggie passes out Barry is stuck once again until Gum comes to the rescue voiced by ( Scott Underwood). Gum is a chewed piece gum that was stuck under a scientist desk for years and as a high level of intelligence. Gum tells Barry he’s only 9 miles from Shopwells and they soon dives a plan to get Barry home. Back at Shopswell after escaping an attack from Douche Brenda and friends finally make it back to their respective aisles. As Brenda walks away Teresa expresses her love and lesbian desires for her. Brenda says thanks , but she's not into girls. Frank then reaches the dark place and gets the proof he so desperately has been searching for. Frank then makes to the front of Shopswell and turns on the stores camera and begins telling everyone the great beyond is a lie. Frank then shows the whole store a cookbook that shows the humans eating food. Ironically they still don't not believe Frank, as he is now truly lost and has no clue how to save everyone.  Frank is lost until Barry , Gum and friends come to the rescue. Barry tells Frank what happened to Carl as he was viciously sliced up in front of him. Also, what really happens in the great beyond as the two compare notes. Gum , Barry and Frank devise a plan that will show everyone in Shopswell how truly savage the humans are. Its just in the nick of time as Brenda’s package is chosen and is being taken to the great beyond. The plan oddly enough is simple Barry and his friends from Druggie’s house brought Druggie’s left over bath salt. They would then shoot every God in Shopwells with toothpick dipped in bath salt , so they can finally see the food speak. Once this occurs all hell breaks loose as the humans began stomping and destroying all the food in site. Now seeing the Gods for the true savages they are all the foods in Shopswell unite and began fighting all the humans back and killing them. After its all said and done and all the humans are dead , a huge food orgy breaks out among the remaining foods in Shopswell.


I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out all summer and it didn't disappoint me one bit. If you've ever seen South Park , Family Guy or even the Boondocks , you'll love this movie. I have to take my hat off to Seth and his crew once again , as they make another hit. One thing I love about Seth and his friends is how they all support each other and come together and make these movies. Its typically between 5 to 6 of them , that always seem to have each others back. In a city like Hollywood , you cant help but applaud those sticking together. Sausage Party cleaned up at the box office making 33 million on a budget 19 million. This is the second week which brings it total to 64 million. I think this movie did exceptionally well because of the diversity it showed. This movie touched on so many issues our society is dealing with such as homosexuality , racism , bigotry and heavy drug use. They touched on these issues in a funny but , very truthful way. A few examples how the crackers ( Europeans) came and moved Firewater character a Native America out his homeland was done masterfully. Also , adding Mr. Grits and what the crackers did to him as Mr. Grits is a black man. Firewater jokes in the movie what the crackers did to Mr.Girts was was fucked up ( Slavery). They also had a food I wasn't quite sure what it was, but i think it was ketchup . Either way it was German and they expressed their hate for juice ( jews). Just little things like this made this movie so funny. These issues they made fun of we normally don't or cant laugh about. If I had to rate this movie it gets a B+.