The long awaited movie of the summer is finally here as DC comics Suicide Squad hit theaters. The movie takes place after the events of Batman vs Superman I.E ( after death of Superman). Questions are brought to our attention in the very start of this movie. Questions like what if another Superman comes along but isn't as good as Superman? Who would stop the next super meta - human? Amanda Waller ( Viola Davis ) has the key to stopping this future threat. She wants to take worlds most dangerous villains and make them an elite task unit. Waller not only wants to assumable this group , but also make them join with or without their permission. The first member is Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot ( Will Smith ). Deadshot is without a doubt the worlds most deadliest assassin , who never misses his mark. We first meet Deadshot walking with his daughter when he is confronted by Batman ( Ben Affleck ). A quick scuffle between Batman and Deadshot ensues and before Deadshot can shoot Batman his daughter jumps in front of both them begging her father not to shoot. Deadshot then surrenders and just like that , the first member of Waller team was joined. Next is Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ). Harley use to be the psychiatrist of Gotham’s most wanted bad boy The Joker ( Jered Leto ). The two fell seemingly in love during the Jokers stent at Arkham Asylum. The two would go on to be Gotham City’s most notorious crime duo. During the peak of their power run Harley and Joker were unstoppable until a run-in with Batman . Batman would rain on Harley and Joker parade as an altercation between the three ends up with Harley being caught and the Joker escaping. The next bad guy to be caught is Captain Boomerang ( Jai Courtney ) . Captain Boomerang is a Bank Robber from Australia and he's robbed every bank in Australia at least once. Captain Boomerang uses his metal boomerangs to slash through his competition. Boomerang meets his match as he is caught by his soon to be archenemies The Flash ( Ezra Miller ) and Waller is yet again gifted another super villain. The last two members are Chato Santana aka El diablo ( Jay Hernandez). El diablo is an former LA gangster who has the power to control fire. Lastly Killer Croc ( Waylon Jones ) who suffers from a rear skin diseases that gives him the features of a reptile also super human strength. Everything is going to plan as the puppet master Waller finally gets things in motion setting up her elite unit. Until one of Wallers puppets doesn't play along. Enchantress an ancient witch that possesses Dr. June Moone ( Cara Delevingne ) during an archeological dig. Waller uses the possession of Dr. June to her advantage. Waller finds out that if you have Enchantress heart you can control her. If the Enchantress so much as looks at Waller the wrong way she’ll stab her heart virtually killing this super human meta- human witch. Enchantress isn't like all the other meta-humans her powers surpasses them all, as she is over 6,000 years old and is pretty much considered a God. Being the manipulator Waller is she uses Enchantress powers against her will. This use of power grants Waller to assemble her task force by our U.S government. Rick Flag ( Joel Kinnman) who Waller hires to watch over Enchantress / Dr. June. Just like the manipulator Waller is she entrust Flag with Dr. June in hopes they would fall in love. As always Waller was right now she Flag in her back pocket as she hold his true love life in her hands. Things began to unravel for the puppet master Waller, when Enchantress breaks free of Wallers control and frees here brother Incubus from his eternal slumber. Incubus who then unleashes hell on earth in Mid-way city destroying everything in site. Enchantress uses her brothers power to power herself , until she can get her heart back from Waller. Enchantress then builds a device to kill all the humans in the world, while her brother Incubus services as her bodyguard. 


As Incubus tears through the city and Enchantress begins to amass this huge device there isn't much military forces can do, so they call in Amanda Waller project X team , which rename themselves the Suicide Squad. Waller being the evil genius she is concocts a plan for this Suicide Squad to intervene in the fight to save Mid-way city. All members are shot in the neck with an explosive device , so if they even get the idea of escaping they will be blown to bits. The crew of Deadshot, Harley , Captain Boomerang , El Diablo and Killer Croc who are lead by Ric Flag and his bodyguard Katana. Katana ( Karen Fukuhara) Katana is a deadly swordsman who’s sword has the power to trap her victims souls as she kills them. The mission is simple the Squad is to go to Mid-way city and rescue a certain important individual. The Plan is simple , but the task at hand is far from easy. Soon as the squad hits the city they are shot down and must begin battling Enchantress’s un-human zombie like creatures. As if this isn't enough to deal with the Joker is plotting a rescue mission of his own. The Joker finds out Harley has been sent to Mid-way city and is own his way to save her. Joker is no dummy as he knows about the explosive in her neck , so what does the joker do? He kidnaps the scientist that made the device and forces him to come a disarm it. After the Suicide Squad makes short work of the Enchantress minions and battle they're way through to save this important individual. Surprisingly this anonymous person is no other than the devil herself Amanda Waller. The crew isn't happy rescuing the person that put explosive device in their necks and made them come rescue her. As the crew stares Waller down as if they're going to rip her into sherds , she quickly reminds them with the push of a button your heads will be gone!! Just as the crew thinks their out of the woods , the joker appears in what everyone thinks is Wallers Helicopter .The joker and his men start shooting as the Suicided Squad is helpless as the beret of bullets rains down upon them. Joker gives Harley the signal her chip is disarmed and she jumps to him and the two crazy are once again reunited. Waller is not to be messed with as she orders their helicopter to be shot down. During the explosion of the helicopter the reunited lovers are separated once again. As a missile comes ripping through the hull Harley lands on a nearby rooftop while the Joker goes down with the helicopter. Waller then calls for her own chopper to take her away safely. Waller’s escape from Mid-way city is short lived as Incubus shoots her chopper down and takes her to the Enchantress.


The Suicide squad must now rescue the woman that put them in this predicament once again. Either rescue Waller or die or don't recuse her and have a supernatural witch kill every human on earth. Glad to say the squad steps up to the challenge as they battle Enchantress and her brother Incubus in an epic battle for human survival. 


A lot of things about this movie has been said this past week. Sadly to say it has not gotten a good response from critics or fans. To be honest I enjoyed this film. Was it the movie event of the summer everyone was expecting it to be? No it wasn’t. Lets start with the good things about this movie. firstly I think America is going to have a new found love for Maggot Robbie as she killed this rendition of Harley Quinn. Not only did she kill it , but looked damn fine doing it in the process. Will Smith as Deadshot was executed beautifully as always when it comes to Will Smith playing almost any role. I also loved how Batman / Ben Affleck was thrown in to this movie. Ben gave a solid cameo for his role in Suicide Squad. But , I have to say the person I loved the most was Jered Leto version of the Joker. If Heath ledger and Jack Nickleson had a baby , it would have came out like Jered Leto rendition of the Joker. A lot of negative comments have been said in disappointment of Leto’s Joker. To me this was the movies biggest let down. The trailers of this movie indicate that Joker is a huge part of this movie. When in reality the joker was only in the movie for a mer 15 mins in total. This had critics and fans alike highly angry. The joker is an Iconic villain in the DC universe and to only give such an character 15 minutes of screen time was a slap in the face. To be truthfully honest, we cant even truly rate Leto performance. Ledger and Nicholson were the antagonist throughout their whole movies . It almost unfair to rate this Joker with just only 15 minutes of screen time. But , I will say he killed those 15 minutes and made a more modern day Joker. A Joker that was tatted up and wore chains and had a grill of sliver. I was truly loving Leto’s joker, but like everyone else I wanted more! Another huge let down with this movie was character development. This movie seemed to be centered around almost four people Waller , Joker , Deadshot and Harley Qunin. We got almost 0 background info On Captain Boomerang , we got a little info on El diablo , but hardly any on Killer Croc. We got a tad bit of info on Katana , but to me she wasn't used properly. She was supposed to be this kick ass swordsmen and only killed a few people. Also, why is she Flag bodyguard , where did they meet? simple questions that could have been added. Character development is a must when introducing new characters like this to the general public. A lot of people that go to see these movies aren't alway huge comic book readers. This is why a good back story on these characters are needed.  A large number of movie goers and critics are saying the plot was bad . It wasn't the plot , it was the villain. Once again when introducing new characters a good villain is a must! I didn't get that good villain vibe in this movie at all. You have members of this suicide squad going up against a supernatural entity , it doesn't mesh. In reality only one member of the Suicide squad has actual meta-human powers and thats El Diablo. Everyone else were skilled killers. With that being said why on earth would you have them fight pretty much a God? It doesn’t make that much sense even in comic book land. Never the less Suicide Squad went on to make 135 million at the box office making the highest grossing movie to come out in august ever. Also, knocking off Guardians of the Galaxy for the highest grossing movie in the same month. Guardians is a Marvel property that had the highest grossing comic book to movie tittle 2 years ago. Guardians made 90 million opening weekend. I bring this stat up because in the long run that is who DC comic movie are up against Marvel movies. Right now DC is losing the battle and war against Marvel. This is the 4th movie from DC that has critically and somewhat financially bombed. Its to early to say if Suicide Squad has financially bombed just yet. But , in order for Wanner Bros to make an actual profit of this movie its going have to make 800 to 900 million. The way its looking , they're going to fall short of that goal. But, critically as far as critics go this movie is not being received well at all. Rotten tomatoes scored Suicide Squad 26 out of 100.This is also disheartening because its predecessor Batman Vs Superman scored only a point higher at 27. This is a huge problem for DC and they need to fix these issues if their going even try and compete with Marvel. Marvel movies as a whole are winning , not only breaking records , but getting highly praised by movie critics and more goers. DC comics need to think very carefully on their next big move , which is Justice league due out November 17th.

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