The Secret life of pets is an immensely laugh out loud comedy the whole family will enjoy for years to come. The movie starts off with its main character Max a Jack Russell Terrier( Louis C.K ) who is living the dream in the Big Apple New York City , with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper) . All is well in Max and Katie life until Katie brings home another dog Duke a Mongrel (Eric Stonestreet ). Duke is a huge bouldering , sloppy kisses in your face kind of dog. Max is just use to Katie and Max and Katie and Max only!! Max soon devises a plan to get rid of Duke . Max begins tearing up the apartment in hopes Katie will come home to see all the damage and take Duke back to the pound. Max’s Plan is almost prefect until the dog walker comes to take Duke and Max for a walk and Duke sees his opportunity to get back at Max. The Dog walker leaves Max and Duke hooked together and Duke takes the smaller max for the ride of his life as he runs all over the neighborhood. Dukes Plan then begins to back fire , when he leads Max and himself into an ally filled with cats. These cats soon start out numbering the two dogs and ripping off their dog collars in the process. This allows NYC finest dog catchers to take Duke and Max in as strays. Things get real interesting when a fluffy little white fur ball bunny by the name of snowball ( Kevin Hart ) comes to Max and Dukes aid. Snowball Agrees to free them as he’s in the process of freeing his own friends from lock up. But, Duke and Max long have to agree to join the revolution against the humans. Duke and Max are faced with the choice of being taken to the pound or join this bunny, they chose the bunny. After being freed Snowball takes Max and Duke into the swears where they meet the rest of Snowball cult “ The Flushed Pets “ an accumulation of unwanted pets living in the swearers of NYC. Snowball welcomes Max and Duke into The flushed pet society and wants to initiate them as members. Initiation is nothing big, just a bite from a huge venomous snake! Tension rise when cats from the ally that stole Max and Duke’s collars show up and tell Snowball they're not human haters , but house pets. This infuriates Snowball and he orders the snake to kill not bite them. While trying to run away the snake gets tied up in some pipes which causes the celling to cave in killing the snake. Max and Duke escape the swears , but not before Snowball vows to kill them.


Back home Max’s neighbor and love interest Gidget a Pomeranian ( Jenny Slate ) sees Max didn't return with the dog walker and this sends her in to a panic! Gidget soon assembles all of her friends which is an odd pairing of individuals. This group contains a hawk Tiberius ( Albert Brooks) , Mel a Pug ( Bobby Moynihan ) , Chole a Tabby cat ( Lake Bell) , Buddy a Dachshund ( Hannibal Buress ). Now with the gang all here theres only one problem, they're all house pets and have no idea how to navigate through the concert jungle that is New York City. After Tiberius finds out where Max and Duke have been taken , they enlist the help of the final member of the search party Pops a disabled Basset hound ( Dana Carvey ) . Pops knows NYC and the underworld where Duke and Max have been taken. Was the crew successful in finding Max and Duke and reuniting them with their owner Katie? Guess you’ll have to find out on July 8th when The Secret Life Of Pets hits theaters. 



I have to take a big hats off to Illumination, they are continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to family animated movies. Illumination is the production company that brought us Disciple Me and Minions. They've done again with another certified hit in secret life of pets. First off I have to say Kevin Hart is too hilarious in this movie. There was a point in the movie where I was just in tears of laughter , because of him. He and Jenny Slate ( Gidge the Pomeranian) were hands down the show stealers in this movie. I’ll even go a step further and say I enjoyed this movie even more than Finding Dory, which will be the highest grossing animated movie this summer.  This is an early review , so I wont be able to tell you the box office numbers. But, if I had to guess this movie should make around 50 to 60 million opening weekend. That’s about average openings for these Illumination films.

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