Colin Kaepernick, despite his past with the 49ers, remains on the team roster though he will have to compete for the starting quarterback spot. Right now, direct competition for the job is Blain Gabbert, who is healthier than Kaepernick and suffers less injuries.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee though, Kaepernick has taken steps towards recovery and has resumed throwing "a bit." He is expected to have full clearance by the end of Mat or beginning of June.

This is the latest development in Kap's health since we learned  that he resumed weight training last month, and appeared at mini camp last week.

The 49ers didn't draft a quarterback until the sixth round, when they picked Jeff Driskel. Because of the late pick, Driskel isn't expected  to be an eminent threat for Kap or Gabbert.