On the night that should have been one of the best moments of his life, the newly drafted offensive tackle, Laremy Tunsil was upstaged by social media posts from his own account.

Tunsil was predicted to be #1 in the NFL 2016 Drafts but due to some bad choices he played himself out of a guaranteed $10 million, being drafted at #13 to the Miami Doplhins! Screenshots showing text messages between Tunsil and his former Ole Miss head coach, revealed that he was allegedly accepting illegal payments in order to pay his mother's rent and utility bills. 

Tunsil later addressed the controversy in a press conference, informally admitting that the messages were real. "I'd have to say yeah" Tunsil said in a response to a reporter asking if he had accepted the money. "Those were true," Tunsil said. "I made a mistake of that happening," he continued.

After answering all the questions Tunsil was escorted from the press conference, and was scheduled for another press conference today which was delayed due to an allergic reaction.