Wale teams up with Highbridge Voices for ‘Voices In My Head’.

MMG’s Wale hits us with some new music as he gets some help from for his latest release ‘Voices In My Head’. It is produced by Metro Boomin. Mass Appeal explain how the track came about:

This past summer, young creatives were invited to The Sprite Corner in New York City to watch Wale, Metro Boomin, and the Highbridge Voices choir create a track from scratch.

From the jump, Wale let everyone know they were being treated to an exclusive experience, as he’d never opened up his creative process to such a large group before. However, once Wale and Metro Boomin settled on the direction of the song, it was almost as if they completely forgot about the crowd, experimenting without reservation. The Highbridge Voices choir brought an additional layer to the experience, adding haunting harmonizations to Metro’s production.

Listen Below