As I play "Gucci Mayne" again for as many times that I can't even count. The song stresses on how a women can really change a mans perspective on all these H***. But when your backs against the wall and you don't care about opinions and fake friends you just allow those things to fly by and continue to persue what you really aspire to achieve and that should always be YOUR goals.

Forte Bowie, Producer, Artist, and creative soul, is from the southside of Atlanta a place that bore so many extremely talented hit makers, and after typing "Hot Artist From South Atlanta" and seeing his name pop up in the first bracket's as one of Top 8 New Artist in Atlanta according to Billboard it is certain and plain to see that Forte Bowie has a bright future in his endeavors. 

Checking out his music made me a believer instantly, check out his hottest single to date below.

You may also remember Forte Bowie from some of his earlier work with Trinidad James, on a song called Southside that described where he's from on a track with then rising artist Trinidad James. Check it out below.

And with his project coming up "Something Else About Bowie" the streets seem ready to here more from the youngin.