We are all guilty of doing a little too much snooping. I mean you start on your Instagram page then next thing you know you are on your exes, cousins, sisters, best friend's page who happens to be YOUR exes new girlfriend.

I mean I don't know about you.

But I am definitely guilty.

And I will go all out to ensure the full story so I can call my best friend and let her know what I found. It's true. 

Not only are women incredibly smarter than men (which is so true in my world) but we also have pretty awesome researching skills. Especially when it comes to a guy we used to deal with. 

So, if you are like me and you are a little crazy (it's cool, admit it, we are the same), here are 20 thoughts that go through your mind when your ex gets a new b*tch, uh oh:

1. He looks good, who's this girl with the heart emoji's under his picture?

2. Omg she's putting heart emoji's under every damn photo?

3. Let me click on this damn profile

4. Oh it's locked?

5. Well to Twitter I go, she must have the same username

6. She's kind of cute?

7. Wait no she's not, I look way better

8. She's definitely a subtweeter, girl he's not good for you, just let it go

9. Oh hell no, I think this is his b*tch

10. So this is his type? This what he likes?

11. Such a damn downgrade

12. I wonder if she f*cks him as good as I do

13. No, I'll always be the best he ever had. He told me that, he can't back out on the compliment

14. Omg he can back out of the compliment

15. He probably just said that to toot my horn.

16. I wonder what she does to him though

17. What the hell does she do for a living

18. I wonder if she knows anyone I know...

19. You know what? How did he even meet this trick?

20. Oh so all of a sudden he in love?

21. He aint in love...

22. If I want him I can have him any day, all day, every day

23. Did he forget who the f*ck I am?

24. Wait, did I forget who the f*ck I am? She's definitely a downgrade that won't last long.

** clicks off profile **