After pleading guilty to a weapons charge in 2014, Gucci Mane was locked up and originally expected to be released from prison in late 2016. In a recent interview, however, Gucci’s friend and longtime collaborator PeeWee Longway claimed that Gucci would be out in a couple of months. The 1017 Records Twitter account also recently tweeted that he’d be free “real soon.”

Throughout Gucci’s time in prison, Young Thug has shown his support. During live shows, he often starts “Free Guwop!” chants, and he’s always making it known how much he misses Gucci through Instagram videos and captions.

With his latest Gucci tribute, Thug takes things to another level and gets an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. It’s the same design—lightning bolts and all—that Gucci has tattooed on his own face.

He shared a couple images on Instagram with the captions, “I LOVE AND MISS U!!” and, “I REALLY LOVE AND MISS U…..!”

[via PnP]