Ooh Ahh... This Diva has had it!  [Mariah Carey], 45, drops a song with Epic Records called "Infinity" late last month! This song is not her ordinary love song, more like her Diss track to [Eminem] "Obsessed"! Welp, this time Mariah has Bars for her Ex- Husband [Nick Cannon], 34. Mimi "Wildn'Out" on Nick with verses like "Talkin bout you're mad Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had," also "Boy you actin' so corny like Fritos Wouldn’t have none of that without me, though," And "Is it lack of ice got you so cold? Have you ever felt this on your own? Why you tryin' to play like you’re so grown? Everything you own, boy you still owe!" This Diva is Repping that Platinum Squad and she definitely got jokes! Rumor circulated that Nick considered Reconciliation, but let this song tell it nick it's a wrap! Durttyzzz Just [Listen In]