[Lil Boosie], 32, could hardly stand perform at Webster Hall in NYC on Tuesday night in front of a sold out show. After finishing a song and  attempting [K camp's] remix to "Cut That Bitch Off" Boosie becomes visually sick Infront of fans. He attempts to rush off stage, and ends up vomiting before exiting. It was said [DJ Envy] and [Angela Yee]" announced Boosie was heading to the hospital, when he said "fuck it" and took the stage, out in NYC to Celebrating the release of his New Album "Touchdown 2 Cause Hell" the show was ended rather early. 

 Well [TMZ] nosey selves happen to know the scoop. TMZ reports, Boosie, is a known Diabetic. Type one diabetes to be exact and he was diagnosed at the age of 20. Illness came upon him because he had missed his insulin. 

A miscommunication happened during travel, the bag with his meds ended up in Philly, all the while he was heading to New York. So the cause was behind him missing his insulin shot. Boosie informs fans he's good now and is now heading to Nebraska to TurnUp! Durttyzzz Keep lets keep Him in prayer, and a lil Suggestion Lil Boosie let your Right hand man hold a spare, Blessings!