[Cleveland Cavaliers], celebrated directly after winning the "Eastern Conference Championship." sweeping the Hawks in the fourth game with a score of 118-88. Some of the squad including, [LeBron James], 30, [J.R. Smith], 29, [Kyrie Irving], 23, [Iman Shumpert], 24, and [Kendrick Perkins], 30, jumped in a tiny Hot Tub in the locker room. Smith taking it social media, as some of the squad shows off Popping their own bottles of bubbly. All while dancing and whewing and twirling wrist to [Chedda Da Connect's] "Flicka Da Wrist" Durttyzzz I'm definitely For the TurnUp, but this was just a bit awkward for me to watch 5 topless, Long legged Brotha's twirl their wrist in a tiny Hot Tub! However, Congrats to LeBron for arriving at your fifth consecutive NBA final. Hey Cav's, it ain't over you still gotta face the West!