In North Charleston, S.C,  Caucasian Officer [Michael T. Slager], 33, was convicted for the of murder of [Walter L. Scott], whom was 50 yrs. of age. A video surfacing from who Family consider a hero for his forthcoming, displays the horrific truth for the nation to see. Another officer killing another unarmed black man, while running away! Conducting a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight of Walters Mercedes-Benz Saturday. "Mr. Scott" trys to flee the scene the due to possible warrants for owed child support. Officer Slager reported he had feared for his life, claiming "Walter" had taken his gun in the midst of a scuffle. Officers using excessive lethal force these days is more current then not, Right, from New York, Ferguson, & California  were now adding South Carolina to the list. Video reveals the truth which was taken by a bystander Who provided it to the "Scott family's" whom's lawyer shared with the New York Times.

The Incident taking place in a vacant lot, apparently moments after "Slager" had fired his Taser. You can visually see the wires attached to Scott's body as The two men tussle. Mr. Scott breaks free fleeing about 15 to 20 feet dropping instantly after eight shots were let off! Slager, Calls in shots fired, reports a scuffle over his Taser, then seen handcuffing Walter. It appears he goes to retrieve the stun gun they were supposedly scuffling over And drops it near Walters body!

Supreme Court has held that an officer may use deadly force when the Fleeing suspect issues a probable cause, only when that suspect "poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others." Mayor [Keith Summey] says "When you're wrong, you're wrong, and if you make a bad decision, don't care if you're behind shield or just a citizen on the street you have to live by that decision." 

Michael T. Slager

Michael T. Slager

Slager served in the Coast Guard before coming on the force five years ago. Mr. Scott's reports from the coroner stated he was struck five times, three in the back, once in the upper buttocks, once in the ear, also stating one of the bullet's entered his heart. Video showing Him laying face down with his hands behind his back after shooting, until other officers came to give Scott CPR. Family to relieved justice came so soon, Praying that this is eye-opening for the nation, an a call for unity, and I second that!