"Power 105.1FM" [Breakfast Club] invites "Kendrick Lamar" back for another Great interview. Of course "To Pimp a Butterfly." the topic of discussion.


 "Kendrick" getting slammed with questions from the "BC Team" The Adorable "Angela Yee" straight to the point "Charlemagne the God" and the respectful "DJ Envy". "Kendrick" quick and brilliant with his answers slays another interview, Responding to questions like... 

[Did he boycott the Grammys? How many songs did he actually record for this album? Did the industry cause his depression? Do you think more artist should be responsible for the music they put out? Is he engaged?Etc.] 

"Kendrick" speaks on his movement [TDE], his respect for the Beloved [Tupac], and his mother. Shedding love on who believed in him when he didn't! Yo respect to "Charlemagne" for recognizing that Pomona Pimp Bizz,  S/O to "Sugar-Free". Remember me mentioning it in a prior blog Durttyz!  "Click Video and Watch Now" Blessings, "Rev. Lamar"